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Within this UB website has been uodated and contains links to several new videos on the life and teachings of Jesus

The Christ Experiment

Re-Imagining Jesus: An Introduction to the Urantia Book Story of Jesus

Gary Tonge's Graphic Introduction to The Urantia Book

Gary Tonge’s Journey Through the Universe

Ascent to Paradise

Urantia, Nebadon, and the Master Universe

A story of fear of death and faith of life: What comes after death?

Our True Significance

Urantia Book - Architectural Spheres of Ascension

The Size of the Universe: 209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence

David Attenborough: First Life

The History of Earth

BBC: The Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of Cells

Center for the Philosophy of Religion:  Can Faith be Rational?

World's Most Famous Atheist Accepts Existence of God because of Science

Philosophy: Reason And Faith

I Am There, by James Dillet Freeman

The Urantia Book for Dummies, Part 1 Episode 1 Life Implantation

Jesus' Life & Teachings iMovie-"Revelation Symphony"on Urantia

Abraham-Hicks: Is the Urantia book a true channelling?

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