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Videos (YouTube)

"A Journey Through the Universe" by Gary Tonge

“The Urantia Book - Introduction" by Gary Tonge

“Urantia Book - Big Question” by Gary Tonge and Paula Thompson

“All One” by Gary Tonge and Paula Thompson

"Nascent Visions" by Siddhartha Bamhoom & Gary Tonge

Jesus: Light of The World

Who Was Jesus

Jesus Has Risen From The Dead

Three-part Video Introduction to the Urantia Book by the Urantia Association International

“Encouragement from a Onetime Mortal Being by Gary Tonge and Paula Thompson

"Urantia University” by Gary Tonge

“Understanding the Caveman” by Gary Tonge et al

“Love is the greatest thing in the world” by Gary Tonge

Urantia Book Study Aids

From TruthBook


A Glossary for The Urantia Book

Master Universe Almanac

The Origin, History, and Destiny of Universe Reality

A Study of the Master Universe: A Development of Concepts in The Urantia Book & Appendixes (by William S. Sadler, Jr.) (This incredible set of two hardcover books can be purchased for only $60 from this website

The Complete History of the Book

How the Urantia Papers Came to Be According to the Relavators

The History of the Urantia Movement

A History of the Urantia Papers - (book)

Correcting Time and Teaching Mission

11:11 - Correcting Time (Chris Maurus)

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           On Reincarnation & Soul Fragmentation     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

           11:11 on Facebook

           The arrival of our own Trinity Teacher Uteah

           Consciousness Engineers!

The complete Northern Colorado Teaching Mission transcripts from 2001 to the present:


Pato Banton’s 7 CD set of “The Words of Christ.” 

The Words Of Christ Trilogy is a 7 CD Box Set, featuring over 100 minutes of soul touching lessons from Jesus Christ as revealed in the Fifth Epochal Revelation, The Urantia Book.These inspiring teachings of the Master are narrated by Pato Banton and accompanied by the amazing gospel music of Clyde JJ Forde and the beautiful new age infusions of Antoinette “Roots Dawtah” Hall.

The Words Of Christ Box Set is the perfect “gift of inspiration” for your family, friends and yourself.

“This 7 year “Labor of Love” has been my greatest undertaking to date!” PB

“ I pray that you remain an open vessel so the Spirit Of Truth can continue to guide you in the most exciting adventure of Experiencing Divinity while Serving Humanity.” Pato Banton

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