What is happening Today?

Since the final adjudication of Lucifer (RE: Gabriel vs Lucifer et al) in the late 1980s, two major events have taken hold on our planet.

1. The “Correcting Time” 

Take a look at the 11:11 The Correcting Time website. Lots of great info.

2. The “Teaching Mission,” which is a part of the Correcting Time.

Take a look at the Teaching Mission Network website. Lots of great links and book Urantia-based books featured.

3. The “Donna D’Ingillo informational video series,” from the Institute of Christ Consciousness .

4. The “Work of Daniel Raphael” 

Take a look at the Daniel Raphael’s website. He has many downloadable documents well worth exploring. Also I have linked some of his work, as edited by me, into this website.

A. A summary of key points from “Answering the Moral adn Ethical Conclusions of Uninvited Immigrants.”

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