What is happening Today?

Since the final adjudication of Lucifer (RE: Gabriel vs Lucifer et al) in the late 1980s, two major events have taken hold on our planet.

1. The “Correcting Time” 

Take a look at the 11:11 The Correcting Time website. Lots of great info.

2. The “Teaching Mission,” which is a part of the Correcting Time.

Take a look at the Teaching Mission Network website. Lots of great links and book Urantia-based books featured.

3. The “Donna D’Ingillo informational video series,” from the Institute of Christ Consciousness .

4. The “Work of Daniel Raphael” 

Take a look at the Daniel Raphael’s website. He has many downloadable documents well worth exploring. Also I have linked some of his work, as edited by me, into this website.

A. A summary of key points from “Answering the Moral and Ethical Conclusions of Uninvited Immigrants.”

5. “Journey into Your Higher Self and Purpose” 

Here is a new offering from spiritual teacher and healer Donna D’Ingillo and Leon VanderPol. They will guide you on this extraordinary journey to transform your life and fully live to your true potential.

Do you hear the call? Link to https://journeyintohigherself.com

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